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Every day is a great day for hockey.

Mario Lemieux #66

Show your love for the game: Order your BRAYCE® hockey bracelet with your jersey number (0-99)

You love hockey? Then show your love for the game with the BRAYCE® jersey bracelet with your player number wherever you go and whenever you want! What makes our hockey jewellery so special? It’s simple: Your BRAYCE® hockey bracelet with your player number is the one and only hockey jewellery, which combines an authentic hockey look, a maximum wearing comfort and the myth “player number”. Make gameday every day from now on by wearing your unique and handmade hockey bracelet. [expand title=” ⊻ Read more” id=”seo” expanded=”true”]

You know the situation: As a loyal hockey fan, you’re watching the NHL playoffs or the Stanley Cup in front of your TV or live at the stadium. Of course, you wear a hockey jersey with the number of your hero while the game is running. You wouldn’t want to take off your jersey after the game, but you have to. Because in everyday life it’s inappropriate in many situations to wear your hockey wear.

The BRAYCE® jersey bracelet® with your player number solves this problem! The hockey bracelet is suitable for sports and everyday use and can be worn everywhere and at any time. No matter whether you want to proudly present your own player number or simply support your favourite player with your BRAYCE® fan bracelet, the jersey bracelet® offers you the opportunity!

From #0 to the legendary #99 – free choice of player number on your hockey bracelet

Every hockey fan and player has a jersey number, which he prefers. Because BRAYCE® offers all the player numbers between 0 and 99, you are faced with the choice of the choice. Every single player number is the ultimate eye-catcher on your hockey bracelet. Your jersey bracelet® not only brings the myth of the player’s number to life, the 3D haptics of the number also underscores the value of your hockey jewelry.

Your player number is incorporated on a patented MagAttrac® closure made of stainless and nickel-free stainless steel. The closure is therefore not only functional, but also extremely stylish. The same applies to the hockey bracelet themselves, which BRAYCE® offers in three different styles.

Puck or lace: Customize your hockey bracelet

The perfect symbiosis between a maximum of wearing comfort and the ultimate authentic design is guaranteed by our hockey bracelets in puck or hockey lace (black/white) style. The puck style sports bracelet is made of 100% SuperSoft Silicone and looks like the most important play equipment of your favourite sport. The hockey lace sports bracelet (black/white) also withstands every check and stress, because the hard-wearing hockey bracelet consists of original lace fibres including a flexible core.

Each individual hockey bracelet is available in nine different sizes (from infant to adult). You don’t know your wrist size? We can help you with the BRAYCE® size guide right here. We not only advise you on the perfect size, we also support you in your search for the perfect jewellery. In this context, you might be interested as a glowing hockey fan in our team colored bracelets.

You love hockey and you support a NHL club? Show your love for your club and create the team colored jersey bracelet with your player number! If you want to support BRAYCE® as a young hockey wear brand, please become a part of our large online community. Check #myBRAYCE and discover countless users, who wear a hockey bracelet with proud. [/expand]

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